How to Use Feedly – Introductionary Tutorial

Setting up a Feedly account

Go to and click on the login button on the upper right-hand corner of the page. You will be able to either sign up or sign in utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Microsoft.

Content Search

Feedly enables you to deal with the majority of your interests in one simple to peruse position, sparing time on research and content sharing while additionally giving you access to the majority of your industry news. You can include content, utilizing the search bar in the upper right or by clicking include content on the left menu.

Consequently, administrators and individual members will probably utilize Feedly in their everyday business activities.

Here are some exceptional ways you can incorporate your content.

If you know the site URL or the URL of the RSS channel

Just copy or type the *full* URL of the site or the RSS channel.

On the off chance that the site publicizes a feed in its metadata, Feedly will discover it and show it in the list items.

Or on the other hand on the off chance that you see an RSS catch on the site, you can right click and copy the weblink over to Feedly.

Having a list of client emails?

Here all you need to do is to take the domain name (URL) from the email address and look for it. This can be done for numerous messages in Excel utilizing the ‘text to column’ feature.

Having the names of the website?

Just type the name of the website you want to add. If the site has a feed that has been subscribed to by another Feedly member, you will see it enlisted in the search results.

Having a topic to search?

Type the topic you are searching, e.g. (Travel) into the search box. Then, you will get recommendations on websites that have been tagged by other Feedly users with that topic.

After following the instructions above, below is how your Feedly homepage should look.

Content Organization

On the right-hand menu is an organize button which takes you to a page where you can create new categories and drop your feeds into a pleasant and comfortable layout. When you do this, the content will be composed into the right-hand menu.

If you wish to remove a feed, you can do it in the ‘organize area’ on the menu or click the feed to choose it, and after that click Remove at the top corner of the page.

Notice as you include new content then you recommend other related content as well. It is a quick and straightforward approach to include other significant content sources. By doing this, you will rapidly develop your underlying envelopes.

Saving Articles

It is evident that the bookmark icon is available at the top of each post when you want to keep something for a further time.

You can review these articles at any time by clicking ‘Saved for Later’ on the top-left corner of your Feedly page.

Content Sharing

Having chosen the content to share you only need to select the channel you wish to share it on.

If you have a Buffer App account that has been set up, it is advisable to use its service. VPN for file sharing can be used with the buffer app if you don’t want to be tracked.

Hence, the features of Buffer App allow you to schedule your updates for broadcast across the day rather than all at once

After completing the settings, you’re all set up and ready to go you can personalize your dashboard and start sharing content.